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NY Legislation

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    January 22, 2016 7:54 AM EST
    It is illegal in New York to drive a motorcycle with any accessory lights on the sides. I drove for over 10 years with them w/o getting stopped, but last year was ticketed just for the lighting. I have orange LED lighting on mine to be better seen by other motorists during inclement weather and at night. I have 2 bills (S4462 &'A6522) currently pending on our state legislature to legalize such lighting. Please contact your local rep to support these bills and tell others who live in NY.
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    February 7, 2016 6:54 AM EST
    Martha, this is and is not true. I had LED lights added to my ride last year however, before I forked out the money I went to my local police department to ask just what part of the law I would violate and the police told me this law is a subjective law left up to the officer (s) at that time of when you would get pulled over. The police also told me you cannot run Red, Green, or Blue LED lights on your ride but if you run Yellow the officers most of the time will let you go or not bother with you at all. Those colorful lights should be left up to the show bikes but not for the street riders. I also often will check back with my local police and surrounding police departments to update myself on any new rule changes by departments again I am told it is very subjective by the officer or officers if one is having a bad day you might find yourself with a ticket in hand but I wouldn't worry much I am a member of ABATE trying to get these dumb laws changed. Another new law hitting the streets of 2016 is the loud pipe restriction act. Again Albany will reduce the sound of all bikers pipes but do little with the loud music sounds blasting out of someone's car, truck or other, this is why you want to stay informed and join your local ABATE Chapter in your area.
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    February 12, 2016 9:29 PM EST
    HarleyJones, I beg to differ with you but there are no subjective laws: a law is a law. That is why I am pushing to get the auxiliary lights law legalized. As I mentioned, I had ridden for over ten years with those lights, and I also passed area city policy, county deputies and state troopers without a problem. But as long as it is illegal, we all are in jeopardy. You may not ride at night or during inclement weather, but when autos don't see us during the day, it's even worse under those conditions. Obviously you like your loud pipes and may believe that makes other drivers know you're there, but I prefer being seen. I am very aware of the ABATE organization as I was riding when that group started back in the with protesting the helmet law, which is one law I truly believe should stay on the books.